For over thirty-five years, Gray Wells Consulting has been strongly committed to creating organic spaces that synthesize the fundamentals of aesthetics with the principles of nature. Our work is grounded in the philosophy that landscaping requires a balanced negotiation between the logic of the natural world and the elemental order of structured, compositional design. 

Working closely with our clients, we design and improve larger, multi-functional sites, as well as more modest, intimate spaces. Our custom designs are responsive to built environments and respectful of the natural world. We take a holistic, green approach to landscaping. Our work is underpinned by a deep understanding of native soils and irrigation, drought-tolerant plant materials, and microclimate control that allows for the avoidance of introducing herbicides and pesticides. 

Our textured designs combine unique plant materials, novel lighting techniques, and custom stonework and water features. Our work sculpts and navigates space through a seamless integration of solution-based, site-specific innovation, an artful manipulation of materials, and sustainable, low-maintenance design.